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Decision Making Techniques

When you make a decision that is good, then you will be one step near your goal that you have always wanted to achieve. Let’s look at an example. If you have always wanted to lose weight and you tried several times without any result, then chances are that you did not make the right decisions. Look at those people who have shed the weight they have wanted to. They are the ones who have made the right decisions when it came to the food choices and exercise programs.

Likewise, if you want to succeed professional then it is very important that you are in the position to make the right decisions every time. You need to know that the way a human mind operates is actually very simple.

So how can you make a good decision ?

Firstly, you should think of a decision that you have made in the past that turned out to be good. Maybe it was a decision hat helped you attain a goal. Once you start thinking about this, you should begin to identify how the human brain files this judgment. It means that you should find out how did taking the decision feel? Does it look or sounds like anything? You can take a piece of paper and write down everything you have realized about this decision.

Now you should think of a judgment hat you made and that was a complete disaster. Compare the good and the bad decisions together and then find out how they differ from each other? Now when you need to make a decision in the future, you can compare these two decisions and then relate the present judgment with the past decisions. If it feels positive then go ahead with it but if it does not feel positive then don’t take that decision.

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