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Code Of Business Ethics

At NLP Victory, we are constantly making sure that we follow the code of business ethics that we have set for ourselves and these are as follows:

• To comply with the rules and regulations as well as the laws set by the government. Our company makes sure that we obey the law not just by the letter but also following the rules and regulations by spirit. Each and every individual working with our company is required to comply with the law, rules and regulations as laid down by the government.

• We make sure that there is no conflict of interest. Basically, this kind of conflict will arise when an individual working for our company does something that will interfere with the interest of our firm. This kind of conflict will arise when any one of our employees work for our supplier or our competitor. There should not be any kind of indirect or direct business of our employees with our competitors, suppliers or customers.

• It is not acceptable if the employees working for us try to take advantage of the opportunities that they have found via the information or the use of corporate property without the approval of the directors or owners of the company. None of our employees are allowed to make use of the corporate information or position to gain personally.

• All our operations are undertaken to do better than our competition and we do this honestly and fairly. We do not believe ion cheating and we will never resort to this. Our company will never resort to unethical or illegal behavior for the purpose of staying ahead of the competition.

• Our company will also do our best to ensure that the workings of the firm will in no way cause damage to the environment and we will follow the environmental laws.

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